Submitted & Strong Women's Retreat

Date: August 29 - September 1
Location: Orlando, Florida

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey where strength and submission coexist harmoniously, where faith and leadership flourish, and where you’ll find yourself surrounded by like-minded women seeking spiritual growth and empowerment?

Welcome to the Submitted and Strong Women’s Retreat – an exclusive 4-day experience in a luxurious mansion, designed to enrich your life, deepen your understanding of the Helpmeet role and be poured into individually by Apostle Yvette Benton.

What to Expect

Spiritual Enrichment: Immerse yourself in daily Holy Spirit led sessions provided by Apostle Yvette Benton

Personal Growth: Discover the strategies to becoming a strong, empowered woman without compromising the sacred principle of submission in your life.

Mansion Retreat: Experience the retreat in the luxurious comfort of a mansion, a serene and peaceful environment that encourages reflection and renewal.

Chef-Prepared Meals: Indulge in exquisite chef-prepared meals throughout your stay, allowing you to focus on learning the Helpmeet role and how to balance being Submitted and Strong.

Single Occupancy Suite:
Enjoy the privacy and comfort of a single occupancy bed and bathroom suite, providing you with a personal space for reflection and worship.

Cost: The retreat is priced at $1,350, with payment plans available to accommodate your needs.

Discount: Receive a $150 discount if you choose to pay in full by February 15, 2024.

Limited Spots: To ensure a deep and personal experience, only 10 women will be selected by Holy Spirit.

Why Attend:

Personalized Transformation: Our retreat is not just another event; it’s a personalized journey tailored to your needs, guided by Holy Spirit’s leading.

Renewed Purpose: Leave with renewed purpose, strengthened faith, and a clear vision of how to embrace God’s divine order while thriving in your career, ministry, and family life.

Registration of Interest: If you’re ready to explore the possibility of joining this exclusive retreat and receiving an application, express your interest by clicking on the “Apply Now!” button. Be among the select few chosen by Holy Spirit for this life-transforming experience.

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