Impart Ministries’ goal is to empower and equip the Church through our proven and tested methods. We are available for groups or one-on-one sessions, in person or via video conferencing. You can also book us for your church or group retreats.  


Impart Ministries provides classes, workshops and teaching materials on the importance of the ministry of deliverance. Studying the scriptures and the many examples of the ministry that was often referenced by Jesus in the Bible. This training assists individuals with personal deliverance and progresses to teaching how to help others obtain freedom through the word of God. Understanding generational curses and spiritual warfare are also explained.

Deliverance Team Training

Many churches have a great need for individuals to be trained to assist others in the ministry of deliverance. Offering deliverance to those in need is a vital part of spiritual growth and development. Impart Ministries offerers teaching through biblical resources and demonstrated lessons to help train a team of individuals that will be prepared to help others. The ministry of deliverance is needed in every church to help with recovery from past hurts and traumatic experiences. It is important to have gifted and trained workers available to offer the ministry of deliverance effectively and safely as a team.

Conference and Workshop Teaching

Gerald and Yvette Benton of Impart Ministries are skilled in teaching and training on various topics including leadership development, Living a lifestyle of deliverance, Freedom from trauma and bondage, building a health marriage, vision and mission improvement, Church Administration and many others. Both are college graduates and also graduates of Discipleship Training Institute. Therefore, allowing them to preach and teach the word of God with transparency and openness.

Church Administration Mentorship, Trainings and Teachings

Church Administration or Business Administration is a vital component of any business or ministry. Yvette has a Graduate Degree in Administration and worked in School Administration for 10 years. She also served as a Church Administrator for over 15 years. These skills, experience and education make her valuable in mentoring, activating and training Administrators. Teaching and activating the skills of organizational improvements, administrative strategies and vision/mission implementation is a specialty for Yvette. She is gifted in mentoring and developing other Administrators in reaching their full potential.

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