Welcome to Helpmeet Army Orientation

Congratulations!  You have officially enlisted in God’s Helpmeet Army! We are learning and training in spiritual warfare to fight using our weapons of warfare to assert our authority over the enemy. Below is some key information you will need as a new recruit:

To begin, I encourage you to subscribe to the “GYM-Gerald & Yvette Ministries” YouTube channel. There you can view past recordings of Yvette’s “Sips and Tips” and “Prayers for Our Kings”.

New Recruit Orientation
We have New Recruit Orientation set up for you to navigate tools, set expectations and review protocols. Orientation occurs every other Monday at 9 pm EST. You will receive specific information regarding for this meeting closer to the date of your orientation.

Book Study
After completing New Recruit Orientation, the first set of trainings for new recruits are book studies using 2 books on spiritual warfare. The first one is Spiritual Warfare by Derek Prince (ISBN: 0883686708; ISBN13: 9780883686706) and the second is God’s Weapon of War by Dr. Bill Hamon (ISBN-10: 0800799143; ISBN-13: 978-0800799144).  You will also need to read or have read Yvette’s book, Help for the Helpmeet (ISBN-10: 1797818368; ISBN-13: 978-1797818368). This book will give you the revelation of a Helpmeet Suitable that we use to understand God’s marching orders for His daughters. Be sure to order these books as soon as possible. All of these books are available via Amazon and Kindle as well.


We have both the New Recruit Orientation and Helpmeet Army training every other Monday at 9:00 pm EST via Zoom and you will get a link closer to the date via email. All Helpmeet Army trainings are mandatory for all participants. If, for some reason, you are not able to attend a meeting, let your Ambassador know as soon as possible.

 Please note: Both the New Recruit Orientation and Helpmeet Army training occur every other Monday at 9:00 pm EST. 

The company of Ambassadors are Helpmeet Army members who are committed to helping you understand and implement strategies and a lifestyle that will help you use and understand your spiritual authority. We need all the weapons we can get to fight off the assignment of the enemy, so we are assigning one of our Ambassadors to help you with getting acclimated to being a new member of the Helpmeet Army. You will be connected to your Ambassador once you complete New Recruit Orientation.

Private Facebook page & GYM website
During New Recruit Orientation, you will receive access to the private Facebook page and your password to view the recordings of Warfare prayers that are available on the GYM website at www.geraldandyvette.com.

Warfare Prayer
We have Warfare prayer on Zoom on Wednesday evenings at 11:59pm EST weekly. You will receive access after you complete New Recruit Orientation. You are strongly encouraged to attend Warfare prayer.

Time Zones
The group is international and we span 7 different time zones. Therefore, everything will be listed in Eastern Standard Time and Army members are responsible for adjusting to their personal time zone.

We wear our camouflage gear on all of the Helpmeet Army trainings because we use the video feature.

Monthly Dues
Monthly membership dues are $50. This payment is due on the 1st of every month.

One on One Online Coaching
Individual Coaching is available with Yvette but not required. Sessions are 50 minutes using Messenger Video. The cost is 2/$150 (discounts for sessions are offered to Army members after completing Basic Training). Contact Yvette by Messenger if you are interested in purchasing sessions.

 Technical Support
Email Help4theHelpmeet@gmail.com if you need any technical support.

Thank you for accepting the call to be a soldier in the Helpmeet Army! We are very serious about learning our weapons of warfare! BOOTS to the ground!