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I don’t even remember how I came across your page but it has blessed me tremendously. I have been standing for 5 years. I’m not married but we were engaged and had plans to get married within the 1st. I decided to wait I thought it was too fast and I was scared because I knew he had some issues with substance abuse and PTSD. I prayed for God use me to help Him. I didn’t understand what I was praying at the time I had just gotten serious about my spiritual walk. So here am I 5 years and alot issues later but stronger and wiser spiritually. God has taken alot from me that was not of him and elevated me in some many areas. What he hasn’t taken away is my desire to stand. I have been following a group on FB called Motivated to Love since maybe 5 months into our relationship. A year ago things got bad between us, I found out he had been seeing someone else, his mom died and he has since then spiraled out of control. I didn’t speak to or see him for 8 months but I prayed fervently. Recently I had the desire to visit him and I was disturbed by how he’s living. He has shut down completely, refuse to talk, extremely unkept, living in his parents house which is dark and unkept, alone with his 2 addicted brothers. I asked God “what am I suppose to do with this, I can’t leave him like this, he needs help.” Then I come across the Turn Around series and I’ve been in awe. I don’t know how or when God is gonna turn this around but I trust him and I believe that he chose me to stand. I will keep praying and healing and preparing for the day that he’s ready to. Thank you both so much….this is an amazing ministry and I pray that this reaches the nation’s bc there’s so many broken men. My father, my brother, my son I’ve encouraged all of them to listen in. I love Ms Yvette sips and chats although I’m normally sleeping when she comes on, I try to go back to it. Thanks and God bless you both!!


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God is truly in a season of restoration. Family and the marriage covenant is such an important key to kingdom advancement and many in the body of Christ are suffering

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